Using the Social Media Scheduling Tool on AesirX DApp

Jun 11, 2024

Using the Social Media Scheduling Tool on AesirX dApp - a Step-by-Step Guide

Using the Social Media Scheduling Tool on AesirX dApp - a Step-by-Step Guide

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of using AesirX dApp’s Social Media Scheduling Tool to streamline your social media strategy, ensuring you maximize your reach and impact effortlessly. 

We’ll highlight five unique benefits of this tool so that you can get to work on this incredible free marketing automation platform.

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How to Automate Social Media Posts with AesirX dApp

Step 1: Sign Up and Account Set Up

Before you can start scheduling your social media content, you need to create an account on AesirX dApp. Visit and sign up with your email address, social media account, or Web3 wallet. Once your account is active, log in to access the dashboard, and then head to the "Creator Tool" tab - your social media scheduling tool. 

Step 2: Connect Your Social Media Accounts

To schedule posts, you’ll need to connect your social media accounts to the Creator Tool. Go to the ‘Channels’ section and click on ‘Connect.’ Select the social media platforms you want to manage and authorize AesirX dApp to access them. These include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, and LinkedIn groups. Then, simply choose the channels you want to post on and click ‘Enable’. 

Step 3: Create Your Content Calendar

With your accounts connected and channels enabled, it’s time to plan your content. Go to the ‘Calendar’ tab to view your scheduling calendar. Here, you can see an overview of your planned posts and gaps in your schedule.

Step 4: Schedule Your Posts

Click on the ‘New Schedule’ button to start scheduling. Write your content, and upload any images or videos. Then, select the date and time for your post to go live. 

Step 5: Monitor and Adjust Your Strategy

After scheduling your posts, monitor their performance using the analytics provided by AesirX dApp. Utilize these insights to adjust your strategy, optimize posting times, and refine your content for improved engagement. This feature will be available soon. For now, you can use UTM tracking in AesirX Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI) to generate URLs and measure the effectiveness of your marketing posts or campaigns.

how to automate social media posts with aesirx dapp

5 Advantages of Using AesirX dApp for Social Media Scheduling

1. User Data Protection

Using AesirX dApp ensures the security of your personal data. Through advanced encryption and privacy measures enabled by AesirX Shield of Privacy and Concordium blockchain, your sensitive information is securely protected. Also, you retain the ability to give or revoke consent for data collection while browsing online.

2. Secure Login and Authentication

Easily log in to AesirX dApp and other online services with our secure Single Sign On (SSO) feature. It uses Concordium Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology to verify data without revealing it, boosting security and simplifying your experience by eliminating the need for multiple passwords.

3. Authenticity in Every Interaction

AesirX dApp brings a new level of trust to social media with its identity verification feature. It’s designed to eliminate the noise of fake profiles and bots, ensuring that every interaction on your social media is authentic. This is especially beneficial for influencers, creators, and businesses that thrive on social media engagement. With ID verification recorded on-chain, AesirX dApp helps protect your reputation and ensures that your audience is engaging with the real you, not an imposter.

5 advantages of using aesirx dapp for social media scheduling

4. Content Originality Verification

The Social Media Scheduling Tool on AesirX dApp prioritizes authenticity by securely recording your posts on-chain with ID verification. This not only protects the origins and authenticity of your content but also builds trust with your audience. In an online world where content can be easily copied or misrepresented, this feature provides a layer of security that preserves the uniqueness of your creative expression and prevents plagiarism.

5. Community Programs and Rewards

Join the AesirX dApp community and enjoy programs and rewards like Share2Earn, Contribute2Earn, and Affiliate2Earn. These incentives are meant to encourage your involvement in digital privacy and active participation on the platform.

Using AesirX dApp as your social media scheduling tool not only saves you time but also ensures a consistent online presence with enhanced data privacy, security, and transparency. By following the steps outlined above, you too can take charge of your social media strategy and enhance engagement with your audience. 

Get your free account on AesirX dApp today and explore all the features of social media automation and scheduling!