Aug 29, 2023

Your Data, Your Say: Explore the New Revoke Consent Feature on AesirX Shield of Privacy

Your Data, Your Say: Explore the New Revoke Consent Feature on AesirX Shield of Privacy

Prioritizing online privacy and security while giving users greater control over their personal data, AesirX Shield of Privacy, now with the Revoke Consent option, is an indispensable tool for individuals and organizations alike.

og reclaiming your data with aesirxs revoked consent

AesirX Shield of Privacy is a groundbreaking decentralized identity management solution that enables users to create and manage their own digital identities without relying on third-party providers or intermediaries. Users can securely access and safeguard their data across any compatible website using their AesirX Shield of Privacy accounts, eliminating concerns about personal information exposure. They can also obstruct data collection and processing by providing consent tailored to their preferences.

Since its initial release, AesirX Shield of Privacy has evolved to provide more features and benefits to online users. One of the most exciting features is the revoke consent option, which allows users to withdraw their consent for any website that they have previously authorized to access their data via AesirX Shield of Privacy.

What is Revoke Consent and why is it important?

Revoke Consent is a feature that enables users to revoke their consent from any website to which they previously granted permission to use their data. This means they can prevent websites from collecting and processing their data at any time without affecting their online experience or functionality. 

Data breaches and misuse are common in today's digital world, making Revoke Consent essential for data privacy and compliance. This option may be useful in the following scenarios:

  • When you no longer trust a website: 

You may have previously authorized a website to access your data, but you later discover that they were involved in a data breach, a scandal, or malicious activity. You should revoke your consent and stop sharing your data with them immediately.

  • When you want to reduce your digital footprint: 

Over time, you may have authorized multiple apps and websites that are no longer relevant to you. You have the right to revoke your consent and have your data removed from their servers.

  • When you need to adhere to various data protection laws: 

You may have authorized a website to access your data in one jurisdiction, but you later relocate to another where the data protection laws differ. You should revoke your consent and make sure that your data is not transferred or processed in violation of the new laws.

users have the right to revoke consent under gdpr

How does the Revoke Consent work on AesirX dApp?

AesirX's decentralized consent model includes four levels of consent. Revoke Consent is available in Tiers 3 and 4, and requires the use of Web3 Wallets and AesirX Shield of Privacy. 

To use this feature, you must first sign up for and activate your Web3 wallet-based Shield of Privacy at 

Revoke Consent is simple to use and accessible via the AesirX dApp’s dashboard or website popup. 

  • AesirX’s dApp dashboard 

Log in to your AesirX Shield of Privacy account using your dashboard:

  1. Go to the Revoke Consent tab on the AesirX dApp at
  2. You can see a list of all websites with which you have agreed to share your data.
  3. You can also see types of consent that you provided to the website.
  4. Click on the “Revoke Consent” button on the same line with the website name.
  5. Confirm your revocation by signing the message on your Web3 wallet in the pop-up window.

Your consent has been successfully revoked. The website will no longer appear on your list of consents.

  • AesirX Analytics-powered site pop-ups 

For websites that use AesirX Analytics, follow these steps to manage your consent via the "Shield of Privacy" pop-up window:

  1. Click on the pop-up window in the top right corner of the webpage.
  2. Look for the "Shield of Privacy" option.
  3. Click "Revoke Consent" to withdraw your consent immediately.

Alternatively, you can select "Manage Consent" from the pop-up window. This will take you to the AesirX dApp. Navigate to the "Revoke Consent" section. To withdraw your consent, follow the same steps as described above.

If you change your mind and want to re-consent to a website from which you previously revoked consent, click the "Yes, I consent" button. To confirm your consent, sign the message with your Web3 wallet.

Benefits of Using Revoke Consent

Using the AesirX revoke consent feature has numerous advantages for online users, including:

  • Control and autonomy

Users have more control over how websites collect and use their data. They may also change their mind and withdraw their consent at any time without affecting their experience or comfort as a visitor. 

  • Enhanced trust

Users can protect their data from misuse or breaches by withdrawing consent from websites that they no longer trust or require. Businesses that use this feature can build trust and loyalty among their customers, improving their online experience.

  • Data protection compliance

Businesses can comply with data protection regulations and standards by allowing their customers to revoke consent from websites that do not respect them. Meanwhile, users can exercise their data protection rights, such as the right to be forgotten, by withdrawing their consent and deleting their data.

  • Reduced data exposure

Users can reduce the possibility of their data being compromised or exploited. They can also reduce their digital footprint and avoid unwanted tracking or profiling.

  • Optimized experience

Users can improve their online experience by withdrawing their consent from websites that cause their browser to slow down, consume their bandwidth, or interfere with their functionality. They can also have a more seamless and convenient online experience by using AesirX Shield of Privacy to access websites that support it without creating multiple accounts or passwords.

Your data, your power!

In a digital world ruled by data, take control of your privacy with AesirX Shield of Privacy's game-changing Revoke Consent. Imagine having complete control over who has access to your data - it's no longer a pipe dream; it's your reality.

Whether it's preventing data breaches, following the rules, or simply decluttering your digital life, AesirX gives you power. So, get your AesirX Shield of Privacy to revoke consent and take control of your online experience. Now is the time to step up, manage your data, and take command!

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