Empowering Developers with AesirX Contribute2Earn

Sep 26, 2023

AesirX Contribute2Earn: A Unique Opportunity for Developers to Shape the Future of Online Privacy and Security

AesirX Contribute2Earn: A Unique Opportunity for Developers to Shape the Future of Online Privacy and Security

AesirX envisions a collaborative ecosystem where people can work together and earn rewards. We hope that by launching the Contribute2Earn program, we can encourage community involvement not only through governance, but also in shaping the future of the ecosystem itself. Our goal is to build a self-governing, decentralized network that runs its own infrastructure and is powered and supported by the community.

 og empowering developers with aesirx contribute2earn

A key component of this vision is the formation of the AesirX DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that will allow $AESIRX token holders to actively participate in shaping the future of online privacy through the AesirX dApp. With this governance centerpiece, we will introduce an incentive structure that works harmoniously within the AesirX dApp and aligns with the impact of the community. We've called it Contribute2Earn.

What is Contribute2Earn?

Contribute2Earn is a unique program that encourages developers to contribute to the development of the AesirX ecosystem, rewarding their invaluable contributions with $AESIRX tokens. $AESIRX is the AesirX ecosystem's native utility token, which can be used to gain access to exclusive dApp benefits such as NFT minting, premium features, governance rights, and more.

Contribute2Earn is based on the principle of open source collaboration. Anyone can join the AesirX community and find an issue or feature request on GitHub that they want to work on. Then they can submit a pull request with their code and request a reward for their contribution. AesirX now offers a reward of 25 $AESIRX for each contribution.

How to Contribute2Earn?

To participate in the program, you need to have a GitHub account and AesirX Shield of Privacy. You can register for Shield of Privacy with Concordium Web3 ID here.

  1. You can contribute to any of the AesirX software repositories that are open for contributions. You can find the list of repositories on the AesirX GitHub page at https://github.com/aesirxio. 
  2. You can contribute by fixing bugs, adding features, improving documentation, or any other way that enhances the quality and functionality of the software.
  3. After you contribute, you need to send a pull request (PR) to the repository with a clear description of your changes. 
  4. The AesirX team will review your PR and approve it if it meets the quality standards and follows the contribution guidelines. 
  5. Log in to the AesirX Contribute2Earn site and request a reward for your contribution. You will need to add your PR link and submit it.
  6. Wait for the AesirX team to verify your PR and reward request. If your contribution is accepted, you will receive 25 $AESIRX tokens immediately.

aesirxs contribute2earn community program

AesirX’s Contribute2Earn Community Program

What are the Benefits of Contribute2Earn?

By contributing to the AesirX ecosystem via the Community program, you can enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • Improve your skills as a developer and learn new technologies.
  • Join a vibrant community of developers who share your passion for online privacy and innovation.
  • Learn from other contributors, exchange feedback, and collaborate on new features and improvements.
  • Shape the future of online privacy and security.
  • Earn $AESIRX tokens that can be used to access exclusive benefits in the AesirX ecosystem.
  • Support a noble cause of providing online users with privacy and security.

Join The Community Program Today

Refer to page 30 of the AesirX Whitepaper to see that 20% of the total supply of $AESIRX tokens is allocated for the community.

This doesn't imply a mere giveaway; rather, it’s a gesture to reward those who actively engage and contribute to the AesirX ecosystem. Contributions can range from minting your NFT, staking, and participating in community programs to fighting for data privacy.

Everyone can help nurture a thriving AesirX ecosystem through the Contribute2Earn initiative. This endeavor not only stands to benefit you but extends to your friends, family, and countless others worldwide. As more people become involved in the blockchain ecosystem and secure internet, demand for AesirX and its privacy-first solutions will grow - and this vision is becoming a reality in 2023.

The AesirX community stands at the forefront of shaping the internet's future, with every contribution to the AesirX ecosystem being recognized and rewarded with $AESIRX. A collaborative force of developers, marketers, and managers all work together to contribute and earn, making AesirX dApp the most useful gateway for anyone involved in the privacy preserving ecosystem. 

Join the vibrant discussions happening on Telegram. Be prepared for when the time comes; your $AESIRX holdings will be your ticket to vote. If you want to learn more about AesirX, visit our Tokenomics Page, and don’t forget to see if you’re eligible for the $AESIRX airdrop at https://dapp.shield.aesirx.io/rewards. 

To learn more about Contribute2Earn, go to https://dapp.shield.aesirx.io/contribute2earn and begin your journey of active participation and contribution.