6 Reasons to Choose AesirX for Decentralized Identity

Mar 26, 2024

6 Reasons to Choose AesirX Shield of Privacy for Your Decentralized Identity Needs

6 Reasons to Choose AesirX Shield of Privacy for Your Decentralized Identity Needs

Digitalization has spread our personal information across the internet – from social media to browsers. But relying on big companies to manage it all comes with risks like data leaks and privacy breaches.

That's where decentralized identities come in. Instead of one big player controlling everything, decentralized systems put the power back in your hands. It's like having your own digital fortress, protecting your data and giving you control.

Introducing AesirX Shield of Privacy. It's leading the charge in decentralized identity solutions, giving both individuals and organizations a solid way to safeguard their online presence. Here's why AesirX Shield of Privacy shines brighter than the rest.

og 6 reasons to choose aesirx for decentralized identity

1. Empowerment Through Data Ownership

AesirX Shield of Privacy allows you to take control of your data. By providing decentralized consent mechanisms, it ensures that individuals have the final say over who has access to their personal information. This increases privacy and security, bringing us closer to true data ownership. 

For example, when you visit a website, it's required by law to ask if you're okay with sharing your data for ads and personalization. But often, big tech collects your data without your say. With AesirX's decentralized consent, you can choose from four levels (from session-based privacy to full data control), and you can manage and withdraw consent whenever you want. 

2. The Convenience of Passwordless Authentication

Experience the simplicity of passwordless logins with AesirX Shield of Privacy combined with AesirX SSO and Concordium. Using advanced authentication methods like biometrics and cryptographic keys from a Web3 wallet, AesirX eliminates the need for traditional passwords. Here's how it works:

  • Click to log in with your wallet.
  • A popup appears in your digital wallet asking you to "sign a message."
  • This validates that you own the wallet and confirms your identity to the website.

By removing passwords, AesirX reduces the risk of phishing attacks and unauthorized access.

the convenience of passwordless authentication

3. Guaranteed Privacy with ZKP Technology

Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) are a cryptographic method enabling one party to prove knowledge of a specific value to another without revealing additional details. AesirX utilizes ZKPs to verify credentials without exposing sensitive data, ensuring maximum confidentiality. 

For instance, when confirming your age to enter an alcohol store's website, AesirX's decentralized identity management solution allows you to verify your age online without disclosing personal information such as your birthdate or ID number.

4. Authenticity in the Digital World

AesirX Shield of Privacy provides a verified digital identity, boosting user trust online. With ID verification, users can use the Internet with confidence, knowing that their identity is secure and genuine. 

Integrated with the AesirX Marketing Creator Tool, this decentralized identity solution automates content distribution across social media channels. Users' posts are authenticated with ID verification and their images are watermarked, establishing ownership and trust with their audience.

Additionally, integrated with AesirX Product Information Management (PIM), the solution links products to verified seller or maker IDs. This guarantees product authenticity and origin, enhancing trust and credibility in digital transactions. 

authenticity in the digital world

5. Wide Industry Application

AesirX Shield of Privacy offers benefits across various industries. Whether in marketing, web and app development, finance, e-commerce, social networking, or government, AesirX’s decentralized identity solutions revolutionize how organizations manage and protect sensitive information. 

By embracing AesirX Shield of Privacy, enterprises can enhance their data protection measures, simplify identity verification processes, and foster stronger trust with stakeholders. Crucially, they can also ensure compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA to avoid costly penalties.

6. Affordable and Flexible Pricing

AesirX offers a generous free tier for individuals and businesses, giving access to core features without any upfront fees. For those needing extra features, AesirX provides flexible pricing plans that adjust to your requirements. This way, you only pay for what you need, making AesirX a cost-effective option for managing digital identities.

  • Community: Free
  • Starter: $49
  • Team: $99
  • Growth: $249
  • Enterprise: $1000

Check out our pricing, features, and benefits HERE

In summary, AesirX Shield of Privacy leads the way in decentralized identity solutions, providing numerous benefits focused on user control, heightened security, increased privacy, and wide industry adaptability. With its innovative technologies and strong authentication methods, AesirX is shaping the future of digital privacy, emphasizing self-control and authenticity.

Ready to explore? Create your Shield of Privacy ID and experience the difference today!