AesirX Licenses: What They Are, What They Do, and How to Get Them

Nov 07, 2023

AesirX Licenses: What They Are, What They Do, and How to Get Them

AesirX Licenses: What They Are, What They Do, and How to Get Them

To make the most out of AesirX's privacy-focused business tools on our decentralized app, you'll need to be registered with Shield of Privacy and also hold an AesirX license.

og aesirx licenses what they are what they do and how to get them

AesirX offers versatile marketing tools that appeal to a broad range of users - from individual end-users and open-source site owners to e-commerce platforms needing personalization, and even enterprises or startups seeking full software licenses

In simple terms, Shield of Privacy provides a new method for your website to collect marketing data without compromising user privacy. Individuals sign up for a free ID (what we call Shield of Privacy) that they can manage within the AesirX dApp (decentralized app). Here, users can control how their personal information is used, with the flexibility to withdraw access at any time.

This groundbreaking tech not only serves as a digital ID but is also the key to using the AesirX dApp. Businesses can also use this space to manage their AesirX licenses. 

Each AesirX license is a subscription, giving you access to a specific business tool within the AesirX suite. With nine different licenses tailored for various user needs, you've got options. Whether you prefer to pay in USD or with $AESIRX tokens - the native currency of the platform - you can easily purchase or upgrade your license to match your business requirements.

In this blog, we’ll explain what each AesirX license is, what it does, and how to obtain it. We will also demonstrate how to register and manage your licenses on the AesirX dApp, as well as how to use them for benefits.

AesirX Licenses: Types and Benefits

User Experience and Access

  • AesirX SSO: Single Sign On offers a foundational user experience across various platforms.

AesirX SSO streamlines online access by offering a single login for all your platforms. It supports various credentials, from passwords to digital wallets like Concordium or Metamask. The risk of lost passwords and security issues is reduced, and Concordium's Zero Knowledge tech ensures anonymous ID verification without revealing personal details. When paired with Shield of Privacy, SSO becomes a revolutionary solution that brings together access and identity management, personal data protection, and decentralized consent in a single platform.

Customer and Product Management

  • AesirX CRM: Focuses on Customer Relationship Management.

This license gives you access to AesirX’s privacy-first CRM, which allows you to manage your customer relationships with ease and efficiency. You can access all of your customer data in one place, track their interactions across multiple platforms, and optimize your sales and marketing strategies. AesirX CRM is also an open-source solution that complies with global privacy laws and protects your customer data from third-party trackers and hackers.

AesirX PIM: Specializes in Product Information Management, particularly important for e-commerce.

AesirX’s user-friendly PIM solution is for managing product information, crucial for e-commerce success. Unlike other PIMs, our platform is fully customizable for enterprises, letting you easily adapt it for your specific growth and automation needs. You can easily incorporate smart contracts or link up with Microsoft Business Solutions like NAV and Dynamics. And with our groundbreaking real-time on-chain verification and NFT support, you can rest assured knowing your data isn't just secure and legal - it's verifiable.

Content Creation and Distribution

  • AesirX Content: Designed for content creation and management.

AesirX Content is an open source low-code CMS for agencies and developers who wish to build custom websites and manage high-quality digital content with ease. With built-in migrators for WordPress and Joomla, we've made it simple for everyone to use. Our unique approach separates content from layout, enabling you to connect any frontend tech via API, and enhancing content delivery's speed, flexibility, and scale.

Marketing Insights

  • AesirX Analytics: Primarily used for understanding user behavior.

The AesirX Analytics license provides your business with compliant and ethical web analytics. It collects and stores first-party visitor data without using cookies and even when browsers block cookies or personal data tracking. Central to AesirX Analytics is Shield of Privacy, operating with its ground-breaking decentralized consent model - this is what guarantees ethical, compliant, and consent-based data analytics. This approach sets a new benchmark for responsible data use. Build trust with your users and avoid regulatory fines.

  • AesirX BI: Provides specialized Business Intelligence built on analytics data.

The AesirX BI license offers an ethical business intelligence solution fueled by first-party data insights. The powerful dashboard displays real-time analytics, visitor data, event tracking, UTM tracking, and more. AesirX BI can also be customized to meet your specific business requirements and integrated easily with various CRM services such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Media and Assets

  • AesirX DAM: Focused on Digital Asset Management for media-rich businesses.

Our asset management tool allows you to manage your media library securely and efficiently. You can store, organize, and share your digital assets such as images, videos, PDFs, and more across multiple channels and platforms with ease. Boost your team’s productivity and minimize stress with AesirX DAM - enhance team sharing, cut down on misplaced work, and launch products swiftly. Our decentralized storage options offer robust security, while open-source flexibility lets you integrate with your favorite marketing tools.

  • AesirX Marketing Automation Platform: A highly specialized solution for automating and optimizing various digital marketing channels.

AesirX Marketing Automation Platform is your go-to for streamlining digital marketing. Craft content, organize assets, plan campaigns, and automate tasks - all with ease. Choose from our cloud-based Marketing Creator Tool for instant access or go the self-hosted route with our GitHub download. Either way, you'll get free social media automation, letting you plan and post across six channels without spending a thing. Efficiently manage your marketing, save time, and make a bigger impact.

aesirx licenses types and benefits

How to Get AesirX Licenses

How to register and manage your licenses on the AesirX dApp

To get your AesirX licenses, you need to sign up for Shield of Privacy to gain access to the AesirX dApp. Visit and click on the “Signup” button. Choose one of the three sign-up methods (web3 wallets, social media, and email) and complete your profile verification process.

Once you have your Shield of Privacy, log in to the AesirX dApp by visiting and click on the “Log in” button. After logging in, you will see your dashboard and the Licenses Tab, where you can view and manage your licenses.

How to buy or upgrade your licenses with USD or $AESIRX tokens

If you want to buy or upgrade licenses, go to the Licenses Tab and click the "Upgrade" button. There is a list of available licenses as well as payment methods including cryptocurrencies, credit/debit cards (USD), and $AESIRX tokens.

When you use $AESIRX tokens, you will see a pricing table that shows the equivalent value in USD and tokens. For example, the Enterprise tier will cost $1,000, which is equivalent to 2000 $AESIRX tokens.

AesirX licenses give you access to a variety of AesirX solutions that are designed to help you protect your privacy, improve your online security, and increase your marketing productivity. 

Visit today to learn more about AesirX's privacy-centric solutions and to purchase licenses that support your business growth!